Alexis Vasilikos is an Athens based Greek artist and photographer. Over the last 18 years he has produced a large body of work, his images have a quiet contemplative quality as they showcase snippets of narrative and colorful abstractions. In a recent publication he stated, ‘Ultimately the image like any other form is a pointer to the imageless, the formless, the undefinable essence from which all phenomena manifest’.

They point at the minutiae, at the bonds, and the serendipities of life. They question if we can ever understand the magic around us, the essence of things and their transparency. His work is full of little details that are apparent but invisible at the same time; ordinary things but of existential importance.

Alexis has taken part in exhibitions in Athens, Vienna, New York, London and several other major cities. His work has also been published and featured in Tim Barber’s online gallery Tiny Vices, Vice Magazine, Kaltblut, Excerpt, and Phases Photography Magazine, of which he is currently co-editor and co-curator.

“just look
without naming or labeling
let your seeing be free from conceptualization”

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