historical significance of the greek referendum


Michael Löwy



Before the proclamation of the French Republic in 1792 the King had the constitutional right of Veto. Whatever the resolutions of the National Assembly, whatever the desires and aspirations of the French people, the last word belongs to His Majesty. 


In Europe today, the King is not a Bourbon or Habsburg, the King is Financial Capital. All the present European governments – except the Greek one ! – are functionaries of this absolutist, intolerant and anti-democratic Monarch. Whether right-wing, "extreme-center" or pseudo-leftist, whether conservative, demo-Christian or social-democratic, they fanatically serve her Majesty's right of Veto. A new Holy Alliance, under the leadership of the unholy Troika – IMF, European Central Bank, European Commission – has been established in order to crush the attempt of the Greek people to break the chains of servitude and take its destiny in its own hands.


This is a historical moment. The Greek referendum is not only about fundamental economic and social issues, it is also and above all about democracy. 


If the NO wins, it will be a first step to challenge the Royal Veto of finance. A first step towards the transformation of Europe, from capitalist Monarchy into a democratic Republic. The struggle of the Greek people is a European struggle, our future as European citizens depends on the issue of this confrontation.


  ΧΡΟΝΟΣ 27 (07.2015)